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Do you believe in world transformation? If not, would you have believed 30 years ago that: The USSR would dissolve without a world war or a devastating civil war? Former political prisoner Nelson Mandela would be president of South Africa? The Berlin Wall would be dismantled? A peace accord with 90% approval among Protestants and Catholics would be signed in Ireland? Do you believe that love is healing? Do you believe that the answers to life's most challenging questions lie within us waiting to be discovered? Do you believe that the intention to understand what the universe is asking us to learn, and the willingness to act on such knowledge, can transform our lives, the lives of the people we love, and, ultimately, the planet we live on?

Do you believe that music can be a part of that?


We hope you will after you listen to our music.

The Ancients of Days are:

Tami Van Nortwick - vocals
Mark Zegarelli - piano
Patrick Slattery - bass, clarinet, flute
Stephen Todd Jankowski - drums