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She is the last of her breed, the transatlantic Liner. A massive vessel that can speed through some of the worlds most difficult seas. All the while a thousand plus passengers are feted to a life of pampered luxury and fine dining. Its hard to believe that for generations this was the only way a person could get between America and Europe. Ships like this and many even grander filled the north Atlantic sea lanes. Even harder to believe is that this ship was built when she was. In a time when man was preparing to go to the moon, crossing the ocean over the course of days in a steam ship seemed prehistoric. A swing in social moors and attitudes questioned the class segregation typical of liners. Yet this ship was built and launched, and most remarkable of all, she still sails. She does not do the traditional Southampton-New York run as much as she used to, and she looks much different today. This is the story of her first seasons, when QE2's style encompassed what is called Space Age decor.

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With Commodore William E Warwick and Prince Charles on the bridge, QE2 makes her first voyage down the Clyde to the Greenock dry dock on November 19, 1969